Center for Energy Efficient Solutions - CER is a network of advanced companies and organizations from different sectors,
which play a leading role in promoting and developing climate neutral economy and green technologies
with a focus on increasing energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.







05.09.2019   |   
Pitch your Green Idea! - Awards for the startups
03.09.2019   |   
The signing of the agreement
03.09.2019   |   
14. Bled Strategic Forum - Climate-neutral smart economy - Greentech
23.10.2019   |   
Transforming waste to (recycled carbon) fuel
03.09.2019   |   
Business Bled Strategic Forum 2019 - CER panels
08.03.2019   |   
"GreenTech Innovation" Breakfast / March 8th 2019

green solutions
02.04.2019   |   
New website of the concept of integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of e-vehicles E8
17.02.2019   |   
BTC Mission: Green
17.02.2019   |   
E8 - Concept of integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of electric vehicles, ELES d.o.o.


You are invited to join the Center of Energy Efficiency Solutions!

You are invited to join the our networks of advanced companies and organizations from different sectors,
which play a leading role in promoting the sustainable development of society and the green economy,
with an emphasis on increasing energy efficiency,
the use of renewable energy sources and
the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


We believe that only by joint efforts we can create a low-carbon society,
quality & healthy living environment and successful economic growth.

"For the transition to a modern energy future, we need 100% renewable energy from water, wind and the sun. We need 100% electric mobility and energy storage. We also need 1000 quick-charging stations for charging electric vehicles. "

Marko Femc Director Plan-net solar d.o.o.

"We can contribute to raising the quality and health of our living environment, both as individuals and as companies, by joining through synergies in a strong partner platform that gradually achieves a higher standard of low carbon society. I advocate the vision of a boutique creator of modern concepts of energy efficiency, which is being implemented in Petrol d. d. Creations of sustainable construction and environmentally-friendly green energy solutions and e-mobility infrastructure require individual approaches. The challenges we face can be solved only by creative individuals with professional skills, innovative business models and advanced thinking."

Dejan Cepič Head of Energy Solutions for Business Users, Petrol d.d.
Donna Dreisiebner Project Coordinator, Student of Architecture

"The transition to a low-carbon society is a major challenge for the whole energy sector. Successful transformation requires a lot of innovation, new business models and cooperation between energy systems (electrical, gas and district heating). I think that in this regard the most important will be the people, their creativity and commitment. We summarized and discussed the key factors of the transition in the Slovenian Association for Energy Economics (SAEE) in the Manifesto of Energy Economics."

Sarah Jezernik President of the IO of the Slovenian Energy Efficiency Association
Iztok Kamenski Head of JUB Academy and President of UE GBC Slovenia

"We can become a low-carbon society by a shift in our thoughts and values. Both companies and individuals need to understand that our actions have a significant environmental impact and respond appropriately. We can make improvements in different areas - reducing energy consumption and thus carbon emissions to large industrial energy consumers, for example schools in small towns and residential buildings. We will succeed in this by collective efforts to improve energy efficiency, investment in renewable energy, recycling, abandoning traditional models, and directing towards circular economy."

Luka Komazec Director Resalta d.o.o.