low carbon society

We are accelerating the solutions and stimulative environment for reducing energy consumption in different sectors, using clean, safe and affordable energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The power of innovative solutions lies in effective cross-sectoral integration.


Center for Energy Efficient Solutions - CER is a network of advanced companies and organizations from different sectors,
which play a leading role in promoting and developing green economy and green technologies
with a focus on increasing energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.







03.05.2019   |   
Business leaders urge EU heads of state to signal new economic direction towards net zero by 2050
02.04.2019   |   
New website of the concept of integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of e-vehicles E8
11.03.2019   |   
GreenTech Innovation - Video member's statments
08.03.2019   |   
"GreenTech Innovation" Breakfast / March 8th 2019
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Business delegation to Denmark I 13 - 14 September 2018
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GreenTech Forum Bled I 12 September

green solutions
02.04.2019   |   
New website of the concept of integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of e-vehicles E8
17.02.2019   |   
BTC Mission: Green
17.02.2019   |   
E8 - Concept of integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of electric vehicles, ELES d.o.o.


You are invited to join the Center of Energy Efficiency Solutions!

You are invited to join the our networks of advanced companies and organizations from different sectors,
which play a leading role in promoting the sustainable development of society and the green economy,
with an emphasis on increasing energy efficiency,
the use of renewable energy sources and
the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


We believe that only by joint efforts we can create a low-carbon society,
quality & healthy living environment and successful economic growth.

"At the BMW Group, we believe that the best way to predict the future is by creating it yourself. By establishing the BMW i sub-brand which joins the electric cars of the BMW brand, already in 2011, we announced the revolution in the mobility of the future. Electric mobility and a carbonless future are key elements of our corporate strategy that continues to consolidate the position and reputation of BMW Group. The strategy for the future is based on the electrification of as many models as possible, in order to be able to offer by 2025 as many as 25 fully electric and hybrid vehicles worldwide."

Uroš Dolenc BMW i and MINI Manager

"We should be aware that our every step or action has an impact on something else. This also applies to buildings that mostly require artificial lighting for their use or use energy for artificial ventilation systems. It is therefore important that buildings are constructed in such a way that sufficient natural light is provided in them, to prevent overheating in the summer months and allow for the most natural ventilation, etc. We will only be able to achieve low-carbon state when housing comfort is linked to energy efficiency and health, in short, the solution of the challenges of today's society requires an integrated approach."

Katja Ličen Pajenk Marketing Manager, Velux Slovenia d.o.o.

"In the recent years, the concept of sustainable development has become an integral part of the agenda of many companies. Leaders are increasingly aware that for long-term growth, business performance must be tuned with environmental and social responsibility. It needs to be innovative and open to the benefits of new technologies. In BTC, we follow the principle that our company gives more back to the environment than it takes from it. In this spirit, we systematically carry out a number of projects and activities that drive our way into a low-carbon society."

Miha Mermal Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer BTC d.d.

"We can become a low-carbon society by a shift in our thoughts and values. Both companies and individuals need to understand that our actions have a significant environmental impact and respond appropriately. We can make improvements in different areas - reducing energy consumption and thus carbon emissions to large industrial energy consumers, for example schools in small towns and residential buildings. We will succeed in this by collective efforts to improve energy efficiency, investment in renewable energy, recycling, abandoning traditional models, and directing towards circular economy."

Luka Komazec Director Resalta d.o.o.

"For the transition to a modern energy future, we need 100% renewable energy from water, wind and the sun. We need 100% electric mobility and energy storage. We also need 1000 quick-charging stations for charging electric vehicles. "

Marko Femc Director Plan-net solar d.o.o.
"In the Slovenijales Group, the largest Green-tech business group, we are aware of the importance of sustainable development, and we therefore cultivate awareness of nature and living cultural heritage. Our added value and long-lasting satisfaction are created by our masters with their responsible behavior, modern technologies and quality processing of certified timber. We maintain the tradition on the basis of more than 100 years of history, while at the same time our innovative system of building energy-saving complex low-energy smart buildings of the Jelovica brand ranks us among the leading European manufacturers of such buildings."
Gregor Benčina Director of Slovenijales d. o. o., Vice-President of the Council of the CER Institution