low carbon society

We are accelerating the solutions and stimulative environment for reducing energy consumption in different sectors, using clean, safe and affordable energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The power of innovative solutions lies in effective cross-sectoral integration.


Center for Energy Efficient Solutions - CER is a network of advanced companies and organizations from different sectors,
which play a leading role in promoting the sustainable development of society and the green economy, with a focus on
increasing energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.







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GreenTech Innovation - Video member's statments
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CER 2018 Yearbook
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GreenTech Innovation Breakfast / March 8th 2019
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"GreenTech Innovation" Breakfast / March 8th 2019
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Business delegation to Denmark I 13 - 14 September 2018
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GreenTech Forum Bled I 12 September

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BTC Mission: Green
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E8 - Concept of integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of electric vehicles, ELES d.o.o.
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Petrol, a partner of a sustainable future


You are invited to join the Center of Energy Efficiency Solutions!

You are invited to join the our networks of advanced companies and organizations from different sectors,
which play a leading role in promoting the sustainable development of society and the green economy,
with an emphasis on increasing energy efficiency,
the use of renewable energy sources and
the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


We believe that only by joint efforts we can create a low-carbon society,
quality & healthy living environment and successful economic growth.

"I am delighted to work in a company that brings a lot of innovation. I am not only thinking about our company, but the whole Slovenian company with many different entrepreneurs who have vision and ideas and are ready to implement them. The condition for effective operation is a supportive environment by the state that provides advanced performance. Only then can we do something for the environment and ensure a comprehensive sustainable development."

Tomaž Lanišek Director Knauf Insulation d.o.o.

"Life brings great changes in everyday living, which we are not even aware at a given moment. It is therefore necessary for everyone to start thinking more seriously about how to incorporate sustainable principles into day-to-day activities. JUB is one of the producers of building materials that have a responsible attitude towards the environment, by implementing rational use of raw materials and energy, the use of renewable energy sources, and other sustainable principles that have been included in all areas of their operation even before this has become modern or prescribed."

Željko Kovačevič Director of JUB d. o. o.

"The values of the LAPP international company are family, customer satisfaction, innovation and performance. Our social responsibility is based on the environment and health. We try to ensure that our products are safe and that they do not contain substances that would be hazardous to the environment and humans. In the production cycle, we strive to make economical use of raw materials and energy, and we also use recycled materials, reduce emissions, minimize waste. We use renewable energy sources, we are energy-efficient and energy-independent. We are proud of the green future and as a global company we are working for a low-carbon society."

Simon Vrbnjak ​ Manager ROBOTICS Application Engineer LAPP Slovenija
"The mission of Porsche Slovenia is nothing less than superior mobility. As the largest Slovenian importer of passenger cars, which supplies up to one third of all new vehicles in Slovenia, we are aware of our social responsibility, which stems from such a strong market position. Therefore, by actively working in the CER we are creating the conditions that will enable Slovenia to move into a sustainable society and ensure energy independence, a clean and healthy environment and a high quality of life for all of us."
dr. Slavko Ažman Head of business management Porsche Slovenija d.o.o.

"At the BMW Group, we believe that the best way to predict the future is by creating it yourself. By establishing the BMW i sub-brand which joins the electric cars of the BMW brand, already in 2011, we announced the revolution in the mobility of the future. Electric mobility and a carbonless future are key elements of our corporate strategy that continues to consolidate the position and reputation of BMW Group. The strategy for the future is based on the electrification of as many models as possible, in order to be able to offer by 2025 as many as 25 fully electric and hybrid vehicles worldwide."

Uroš Dolenc BMW i and MINI Manager

"One of the paths to a low-carbon society is sustainable construction. Building according to sustainability criteria means using materials with identifiable and milder carbon footprint. These criteria in the choice of building materials and solutions are not yet predominant. A lot of awareness is needed. The modes are different, they must be constant, argued and they need to come from various stakeholders who accelerate, facilitate and lead sustainable construction to standardized solutions. There is still a long way to go. In Knauf Insulation, we educate different target groups and share our own experiences from the education center which we built by ourselves, according to the criteria of sustainable construction."

Barbara Hafner Head of Marketing & PR for the region, Knauf Insulation d.o.o.